“You mean besides the mood swings and the PMS?”

Someone posted this on Facebook last week:

Miss Representation is a 2011 Sundance Selection, directed by Jennifer Seibel Newsom.

Women’s portrayal in the media is certainly still relevant.  They’re a minority in the field, and yet my journalism classes are dominated by women.  I fear for them, that they won’t be respected, that they won’t be able to gain entry into the “boys’ club,” especially dangerous since it is that “club” which shapes public opinion.

I think, however, what is most appalling, is the participation of these women in these misogynistic clips shown in this trailer.  A woman is asking Sarah Palin about breast implants.  A woman is commenting on how “old” Hilary Clinton looks.  In an industry where women are the underdogs, why aren’t these female journalists trying to do what they can to help the image of modern women?  Are they being controlled by a higher-up?  Made to say these shallow and airheaded comments against their will?  Or are they playing a role, in order to keep their jobs?  Or, as I fear the most, have they been duped into believing that commenting on physical appearance and perpetuating the “sex object” status of women just isn’t that big of a deal?

I really don’t know, but I’m interested in checking out “Miss Representation” to see if it can give me any answers.

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